Blue Flower

1) Install the Android app on your device to send your position

Your Android phone or tablet must be equipped with GPS and data connection.
Come on this page directly with your mobile phone or tablet and dowload the Metasail Transmitter APP from here

2) Register

Register here to access the Metasail server

3) Associate one or more smartphone or tablet to your Metasail account and manage your regattas

Launch the app , you will find your IMEI code ad the bottom of the screen , take note of it to register your boat to the regatta
You can also obtain your IMEI code going to the dial screen on your phone. On the keypad, enter *#06# without any spaces.
Other methods to obtain your IMEI code  are described here

With your IMEI code you can now join the regatta here !

4) See the regatta

To see the tracks of the regatta dowload Metasail software here